About Me



Hi! My name’s Jenn and I live in Pennsylvania.  I’m a very happily married wife and work at home mother of two sweet, crazy and 100% lovable toddlers.  I started my site in July of 2011 and even though it is hectic at times, I do love being able to run my site while being home with my daughter and son.

I started this site for money saving tips, coupons, shopping, deals — you know, that kind of thing.  It has grown into giveaways, amazing product reviews, my own little ramblings about life…anything I want :)

If you have a product you want featured as a review/giveaway, a deal you would like written about or anything else ~ please feel free to contact me and I will return your email promptly.  Media Kit (includes current stats) is readily available upon request.

Thank you,