Did You Watch the Bachelorette Season Finale?


Were you one of the millions that tuned in to see who this season’s bachelorette, Emily Maynard, ended up with?  I was.  Now, if you are like my husband you might be rolling your eyes or shaking your head at the thought of “reality TV”.  That’s fine — believe me, there are reality shows that I feel the same way about.   I will say though that season was honestly SO different than the others.  Did it have to do with the fact that the bachelorette was a single mom?  Her one true love and father of her only child had been killed tragically in a plane crash when Emily was expecting their daughter.   Did it have to do with the observation of her being SO genuinely sweet (yet strong) when she needed to be?  I also think that the majority of the guys were there for the right reasons and seemed to be “good guys”.  But in the end there was only ONE AMAZING guy for Emily.  :)

I watched every episode this season.  It was one of my guilty pleasures after I got the kids bathed and off to bed on Monday evenings! Thankfully there wasn’t such a nauseating amount of drama this season (like past seasons.  I know, I know…it makes for good TV) — but there was definitely enough viewer interest to make it one of the most watched and talked about seasons.  Fast forward through the guy that referred to Emily’s little girl as “baggage” and let’s skip over the guy that thought having a ready made family would be a “compromise” to his lifestyle…I will just get to the good stuff of last night.  😉

This was the night where she would choose who she would hopefully have a happily ever after with.  She had dates with Jef and Arie, the final two.  She brought both guys home to meet her parents, brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law.  Both family dinners went very well.  Her family LOVED both guys.   Both men respectfully asked Emily’s dad for her hand in marriage if it came to that.  He gave his permission happily.  However, he was hooked when it came to Jef even though he had nothing bad to say about Arie.

Jef & Emily

After the time spent with Emily’s family, she asked Jef if he wanted to go meet Ricki-her little girl.  He was very much looking forward to it, so off they went to meet up and join her in the pool.  They had a great time!  When it came time for Jef to leave that day, Ricki asked her mom if he would be coming back.  That sealed the deal for Emily.  She had already felt so much love, happiness, strength and confidence in what she had with Jef — but to have her daughter be a HUGE factor in it and how she felt, would obviously make it or break it.


So then the next day, it came time to see Arie.  Emily was not going to lead him on or waste his time.  She met with him and told him in a nutshell that even though she had love for him, she was in love with Jef.  It was visibly very hard for her to tell him and be 100% direct about it.  She had genuine feelings for him and didn’t want to hurt him.  I feel what she did was amazing and commendable.  How many people would do that?  To me, it says that the show is definitely not up to producers.  Emily called the shots.


Fast forward to the day of the final rose: The potential Mr. & Mrs. got ready to see each other.  Emily looked gorgeous! Jef looked very handsome.  It was really beautiful the way they spoke to each other.  In my opinion, it just didn’t feel fake, staged, rating seeking, all that stuff.  It was so sweet.  My husband was sitting next to me while I watched.  He said, “Are you CRYING?”  I said, “yesssss.” LOL  When he asked me why, I told him that it reminded me of how sweet he is to me.  You don’t find that everyday and when you do, you hang on to it with appreciation, love and care.  Don’t take it for granted.

Look at this picture of Jef and Emily during the “After the Final Rose” special:

It just looks natural and comfortable.  They didn’t act like they had to fawn all over each other to “prove” anything or act like all was okay if it wasn’t.  It just seemed like REAL love.  I know it’s “just tv” and we don’t know these people, but I truly felt this season was different.


Hey, I could be wrong in a few days, weeks, months, years.  You just don’t know.  Only the two people involved truly do.



These are just my thoughts on a favorite show of mine.  I just have to say that I am lucky to have my husband–he is a rare gem.  A love story such as the one I saw on tv last night reminded me of that.  I hope you all have that special someone and appreciate them.  I hope they appreciate you too.  Thank you very much for reading.



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Disclosure: I was not asked to write this on behalf of anyone or any network.  It’s just my feelings on the 07/22/12 episode.


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