Disney Mattel Toy Story Zing-Ems Review

Zing Ems

Mattel has brought Outer Space Adventures to your child’s playtime this Spring with a new toy: Zing-Ems!

If you’re familiar with the Toy Story movie series, then you will definitely remember Woody the Cowboy, Jessie the Cowgirl, Rex, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head…and of course, Buzz Lightyear along with the Pizza Planet Aliens!  You may remember that the “bad guy” in Toy Story is the Evil Emperor Zurg!  Buzz and the gang try to defeat him – of course while encountering many crazy obstacles and adventures along the way!

My kids absolutely LOVE Toy Story!  They have a few playsets, figures, clothing and even shoes with the characters on them.  It is surely a family favorite in our dvd collection as well.  So naturally, the Disney Mattel Toy Story Zing-Ems™ playset was a huge hit in our home!  It provided an out of this world playtime experience.  😉

It is great to have toys that encourage creativity, learning and just plain fun!  That’s where Zing-Ems come in.  You can watch as the characters zip right down the track! Hit the buttons or levers to see them do “tricks” and create laughter amongst your kiddos.

With my children, it was no different.  They loved the playset and characters that came with it. I could barely snap a few photos before they scarfed it right up to begin playing with it.  Truth be told, I couldn’t wait to get in there with them and see what fun we could have!  While the character pieces are somewhat small, your children would need the proper supervision and to be in the correct age group,  as with any toy or product.   There is no doubt in my mind it will be a fun time for all!

You can purchase Toy Story Zing-Ems on Amazon and at participating retailers.

Disclosure: As a Disney Mattel insider, I was provided with a Toy Story Zing-Ems playset for review purposes.  All opinions are true to mine or my children’s experience.  No other compensation was provided. Regardless, it does not influence my posts.


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  1. These are so cute! I bet Zane would love them. Thanks for sharing!


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