Disney Movie Club ~ 4 Movies For $1 (and a FREE Gift)


This is my favorite club I belong to for my children! Four movies for $1 AND a FREE Mickey Mouse Tumbler!  Get the movies now and hang on to them for Christmas!  What a HUGE money & time saver!!

You will enter a commitment to purchase 5 other movies at full price – However, you have 2 years to do so from the time you join.  Get these movies now for a $1 then when tax time comes around, grab those 5 other movies and hang on to those for Easter or even the following Christmas.  That is how I do it & even though it may be a chunk of money at once, it sure does save time & even money later.

What’s your favorite Disney movie??  Favorites in my house include Cinderella, Tangled, Toy Story (1,2 and 3), Finding Nemo and Lady & the Tramp.


  1. Claiborne Snyder says:

    Almost did it, but if you read the fine print, you have to buy 5 other movies at full price in the next 24 months. Great deal if you want tons of movies, but we won’t watch that much!

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