Sleep, the holidays and you, it may not all add up but somehow you have to make it all work.  Meet the Silk Sari Eye Pillow(Kamaraj).

The idea of falling asleep easier is something that excites me and it can happen with this great EYE PILLOW.  A while back I wrote all about a great company called Barefoot Yoga and they had provided me with a few great things and my favorite piece has become the EYE PILLOW!



I can tell you that no matter what kind of Yoga you do, you will need your sleep. Sleep does a body good, but not everyone relaxes the same way. Do you like the smell of lavender? How about a cooling effect on your eyes? I love a cold pillow case and I love a cool feeling on my eyes, anything that will block out the day and any light. I have been fortunate enough to test out the Silk Sari Eye Pillow(Kamaraj).

The pillow is hand washable, and refillable. The pillow comes with a protective pillowcase for travel. These pillows are one of the greatest items I have tried to date and they cooling sensation is like no other! These are a true find and would be a GREAT Holiday gift for ANYONE on your list. They are priced really fairly, under $20 WHICH is another reason I think you need them for everyone on your gift list. There are several designs available so you can rock your personality through this eye pillow as well!

With the holidays you need all the sleep you can get, and I want to offer you one of these great EYE PILLOWS from Barefoot Yoga!

Enter Here: Good Luck. Happy Sleeping

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  1. kathy warner says:

    sleep is important to me so i can turn off my brain for a little while.

  2. Anita Gambrell

    Sleep is important to me. The best medicine is sleep! Beaty rest~~~ see its true what they say, if you do not get your sleep your eyes bag and darken!

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