I love cooking and recipes that don’t take a lot of effort but provide a great taste–these become my favorite.  With a family, cooking makes great sense so you can monitor what foods are going in and what ingredients are being used.  I have used this with success over and over and the cost rocks, under $5 even less to prepare this!

I love when I can toss a recipe together and it tastes great. Everyday seems to bring a new challenge from being a mommy or from work so I have to always have a plethora of recipes and ingredients in the house that I can grab from in order to create a masterfully skilled easy dinner(that was a mouthful!)

When I am in the frozen section, I often grab bags of frozen veggies, they are so convenient for any kind of meal, but my most recent infatuation has been with frozen ALREADY chopped Onions. I love this concept, no skinning an onion, no stinky fingers, no eyes crying, just ready to use in ANY recipe! Here is how I made Frozen Onions work for my busy day.

Diced Onions

Diced Frozen Onions

The brand is not relevant, you can purchase any brand of frozen onions, it is the convenience.


3 Tbsp Margarine
1 Large Box of either Veggie Stock or Beef Stock(whichever you prefer)
1 1/2 cups of water
2 bags of frozen onions
Cheese shred ( we used asiago, muenster and jarlsberg)(you can use anything you have in the fridge)
Old bread, pre-baked into hard bread cubes (leave nothing to waste in the house)
(I used a pressure cooker and was done in 10 minutes you can use a pot just expect about 1 hour on medium)

Onions turning translucent

Onions turning translucent

Simply, melt the margarine(or butter) in pot, add the onions, simmer for a bit(until translucent). Add the water, broth and put the lid on. My pressure cooker took 10 minutes and I was done. When it comes out, simply add to a bowl, add about 5 larges cubes of bread cube and a good handful of grated cheese, and serve.

my bread crumbs

my breadcrumbs from older bread

It was an excellent meal and the cost was outstanding! ( onions are a cheap frozen veggie) The whole meal prepared was under $5. You can use any cheese you want in the soup, these were cheeses we had on hand, so I did not even count that into the expense of the meal. This is a great way to use up all those little pieces you might have lying in the cheese drawer.


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