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oriental rug cleaning nyc

After owning them for several years, my oriental rugs had become a bit worse for wear. I was worried about doing anything to clean them myself as I didn’t want to risk ruining them. I asked a few of my friends if they knew of any companies that offer oriental rug cleaning. NYC‘s Green Choice Carpet Cleaners came up in conversation a few times, so I wound up going with them. I was definitely more than satisfied. As I said previously, I was very worried about ruining the rugs. Fortunately, the process used by Green Choice is very delicate, so damage to the material wasn’t a concern. They were very prompt, and the process itself didn’t take very long. The cleaning breathed new life into my rugs. I was amazed with how much more vibrant they looked under all of the filth that had accumulated on them over the years. There was also no lingering chemical smell in my home. Overall, I was extremely happy with my experience with Green Choice Carpet Cleaners. My oriental rugs look as good as new. If I ever have a need for rug cleaning again, they will be the first people that I call.




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