Hurricane Sandy 2012

Hurricane Sandy 2012

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I don’t like talking, thinking or even looking at anything having to do with this terrifying hurricane!  Not so affectionately known as Sandy!  However, I do think it is smart to be updated on the current conditions and available resources.  Hurricane Sandy is so scary!  That is actually probably an understatement.  I am sick over it quite honestly.  I have two little ones that I know I need to be brave, strong, smart and aware of what’s going on around me, in order to keep them as safe as I possibly can.  

Please, heed all orders from your local and state officials.  This is no joke.  Things can be replaced, even if it is not easily.  Lives can never be replaced.  I hope the majority of all of my readers are already as prepared as they can be, but please  check out this Hurricane Sandy crisis map here.  It will help you find current information and Red Cross vacancies.  Do not be afraid to take advantage of the help out there.  It is being provided for ANY and ALL of us affected.  


You can also take a look at the National Weather Service here or The Weather Channel here.

It is expected that my area will lose power.  While that is not something I am looking forward to, I just keep telling myself that there are many more that are losing so much more with what so many on the East Coast are facing.  
Please be safe.  If I do lose power, I will be back online as soon as I can.  <3  Jenn

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