As a mom, there is not a way to keep the kids germ free.  No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to fight off the germs and bacteria that then creates all of us(my family to get sick) .  I am not a germ-a-phobe but I do believe that keeping a clean set of hands makes quite a difference in germ spreading.

I think over the year when I look back at all the insurance costs and co-pays, much of the ‘germs’ we have been plagued with could have been avoided if I simply was a little more fastidious about germ patrol! I don’t know about you, but I have sanitizer in my purse, in my car, in all the kids bags, lunch boxes and more and I still can’t seem to keep up with the germs that passed between everyone!

One thing I have clearly learned is that germs lurk everywhere, especially in places you just don’t think about! While I would never pretend to be a Dr. or Scientist I can give you a few clear guidelines that might help you cut down the risk of being plagued with some sickness due to the transfer of  bacteria and germs!

I get a little crazy when one of my kids get sick because there are 5 of us and I know sure as at midnight the day turns into a new one, we are all going down from whatever has hit the first person.  I carry sanitizer, wipes, and I used to carry my own place mats for the kids at restaurants! I know I sound a bit crazy, but if you get a cold and it passed through 5 people, it can mean 5 weeks down, and I don’t have time for that!

I am not a total germ-a-phobe but after writing this article I kind of think I may be a bit:)   Rather than paying so many co-pays because of germs we picked up a long the way, I just prefer to carry sanitizer and I remind my kids to use it as much as possible.  Germs are spread easily and I try to do my part to cut down on the spreading and increase the ‘feeling good’!



Do you visit a bank and take your kids along?  You are in germ heaven! I never really thought about this until I watched a man pick his nose, use the attached pen, sneeze into his hands and then grab a lollipop off the counter out of a covered bin which he then picked up and moved all the other lollipops until he finally selected a green one! First, thanks for that and second, YUK!

Germ/bacteria catches:  the pen at the bank that everyone has signed with and the lollipop receptacles.  Don’t forget the door handles going in and out and the counter that everyone leans on and places their hands on!

Anti-serum:  don’t use the attached pen, use your own, don’t touch the counters and don’t let the kids troll through the lollipops!



If this one isn’t the biggest kick in the pants.  You are sick with a cold, or flu or something, you travel to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription… guess what, so have 1000’s of other people.  Each person has germs that have now been placed onto the pen that helsp you through all the prompts that have to be filled out at each pharmacy! You touch it, and every other sick person has touched it, so chances of germ transmission, my guess—100% !

ANTI-SERUM: While I don’t have an answer as to how to combat this one, I would simply say use sanitizer immediately after touching the pen, or  the touch screen.  Don’t touch anything else until you have sanitized!



I can’t tell you how grossed out I am at the number of bathrooms I have visited and watched people traveling out of , after using the faciloities and not washign with soap and water, then actually going right for the door handle.  If you were in the bathroom going to the toilet it is best hygiene practice to actually wash your hands with soap and water.  I would prefer to not contract germs from this.

ANTI-SERUM- when available, open the door with a paper towel and dispose of towel into trash receptacle.  If paper towels are not available use a piece of clean toilet paper.  Of course if all else fails, wash your hands and follow with sanitizer once you get the door opened.

Perhaps the biggest anti-serum—wash your hands!



You have to get gas for your car, but did you know you are subjected to TONS of germs each time you pump gas?  The person who has been sneezing into their hand while driving, or coughing into their hand, or picking their nose or whatever else gets picked while driving?  My friends and I have this conversation often.  It is hard to imagine but, the last person that touched the pump could have done any of those things.  Have you noticed that increasing amounts of gas stations are putting hand sanitizer pumps up at the fueling stations?  Use them after you pump gasoline.

And, what about the gas stations that offer coffee inside?  Here is the scenario, person A has sneezed into their hands while pumping gas.  Replaces the pump from their car, wlaks inside to the mini store and grabs a cup of coffee, but before doing so, touches each different cup because this person can’t decide what size cup they want! The germs are just spreading! Now the same person touches all of the exposed lids!

While this is a story, I have watched this happen over and over again, and I am writing about it because I want you to watch and see it!

ANTI-SERUM – sanitize, bring your own cup for filling of coffee(however this will not solved touching the coffee flavor button).



I know that I am not out of line with the idea of germs spreading because so many of the grocery stores are offering Sanitizing Wipes for their cart handles to help cut down on the spread of germs! Every time they are offered I use them.  I have seen them in stores like Target, Walmart, Shop n’ Save, Market District, Giant Eagle and so on!  I consider these an inalbuable tool to germ-busting!



Anywhere you swipe your card, germs lurk.  As long as you have to touch the same pinpad, keys, pen you are transmitting germs, so card swiper beware.

Anti-Serum:  Use hand sanitizer afterwards


While I am all about meeting people, it has its serious downfalls.  The simple handshake from person to person can transmit germs! It is life.

ANTI SERUM – sanitize!

Why am  I telling you all about these areas? Germs lurk and where there are germs there are colds and viruses waiting to be spread! If you have to end up at the Dr. you will end up spending way more on prescriptions and Dr’s bills than you will on a simple bottle of hand sanitizer.  Sanitizer will only work as well as you apply it.  You have to apply it before you touch anything else, face, mouth etc.  Sanitizer needs to be rubbed in and sanitizer can often be drying. Cutting down on germ transmission often means cutting down on viruses that spread quickly.

Good luck and good health to you, Happy New Year 2013!  Here’s to not transmitting as many germs and hopefully saving you many trips to the doctors offices!


I am not a dr. I am not providing medical advice.  I am only describing situations in which germs can be spread.  These are my opinions and yours many differ.  This is not meant to be Dr type advice, nor has this been checked and read by a physician for accuracy.  These are just simple steps I follow and I thought I WOULD throw them out there for you to watch and see and if it works for you great!.  Hand sanitizer is not for everyone, and you may need to check with your dr. before using it.  PFM is only offering and opinion and everyone has them, though yours may differ from mine!

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