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I am so excited to be part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Family!  When I received the email that said yes, I could be part of this amazing opportunity, I just about cried.  You see, I have been a plus sized girl pretty much my whole life.  I remember second grade being bigger than some and then it was just my “norm” as my life went on.  Doesn’t mean I liked it and it doesn’t mean I hated it.  However, now I just want to be healthier for my children and myself.  Let’s not forget my husband – I want to be around to harrass him for awhile too! 😉

I will say that I love myself, but I don’t always like myself.  Most of my pictures are like the one on the left.  Just the upper half of my body.  If they are full body shots, I just cringe at the way my thighs look.  My husband hates when I talk poorly about myself.  I think it is more of a defense mechanism.  I say what I think people are feeling about me before they have the chance.  Funny thing is, I don’t look at others like I look at myself.  I am not at my heaviest now, but that doesn’t mean I am pleased with where I am at.  After I had my son, I lost 60 lbs between breastfeeding, changing my eating habits due to his colic and then chasing after my then 13 month old daughter.  It was quite an adventure!  Fast forward to now, I’ve gained about 35 of that 60 back.  I hate it.  I just want it gone.  I know I won’t be a skinny mini, but I do not want to be the size I am now.  I feel I am an emotional eater, oooh it tastes good- I want some more and more and more eater, a bored eater, a late night eater…you name it.  I think this will prove to truly help me though.  It is all foods I would normally eat, just ready to eat for the most part and portioned correctly.  Something this busy mom NEEDS!

I realize this is not going to happen overnight and that it will take dedication and determination.  Both of which I know I have!  Sure there will be difficult moments as with any life changing event, but I know it will be worth it.  One thing I need to do is drink MORE water!  I also need to get more active.

So if you’re still reading, I invite you to check in with me each week.  Read & watch my progress.  We can learn from each other, cheer each other on, email support, leave comments, etc…

I am so happy & honored to have this opportunity.  I am also excited to share it with all of you! :)


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Disclosure: I am part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Family.  They are sponsoring me during my weight loss journey with products & services in exchange for my honest documentation.


  1. I’m cheering for you! You are one of the strongest people I know! You GO!!!..
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