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If you’ve been following along in my Nutrisystem journey, then you’ll remember that I maintained last week.  I was relieved about that. While I am okay with not losing, I am feeling even better that I didn’t gain.  This week though, I am really happy to say that I lost 2 lbs.  That makes my total thus far, 6 lbs.  Three weeks have passed, six pounds down.  Pretty happy with that. :)  I still am struggling with drinking enough water.  That is nothing new though – the last few years, I feel like that is something I have a hard time with.  However, I picked up some MiO water enhancer which is calorie free and that helps me get some more water into my body.  Talking with more and more people, I find it is a common trend about drinking plain water.  So the calorie-free flavoring does help me for sure.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the food when I first started picking out items from the Nutrisystem menu.  Would I like them?  Would they taste like “regular food”?  For me, I discovered some fast favorites and then some that I may not normally make as a meal.  But then I ask myself, how much do I want this? How good does that taste?  (That being items or options that are not the best normally.)  So even in my difficult, very human moments, I just keep swimming. 😉  I am not going to say that I don’t look at the cookies my husband and children are eating and grumble to myself.  I think whether you are on Nutrisystem, another plan or just making your own way, there are moments like that.  But there are so many choices for all three meals, plus a dessert and you can/should even throw in veggies, salads, yogurt, dried cranberries and almonds (two of my absolute favorites) in your daily meal plan.

Next I would like to tell you about some of my favorites ~


Chocolate Frosted Donut GardenVegetableOmelet

I am not really a donut person but omgosh, the Nutrisystem Chocolate Frosted Donut is SO good.   The best way to describe it is like an old-fashioned donut with chocolate frosting on it and a whole lot of yum!  I also really love the Garden Vegetable Omelet.  I could eat that daily!  When I do eat it, I add a piece of whole-wheat or multigrain toast on the side.



Margherita Pizza

My absolute – could eat it for all three meals favorite, lunch item is the Margherita Pizza! It is a delicious combination of ricotta and mozzarella cheeses with a yummy marinara sauce and fire-roasted tomatoes on top of a whole-grain crust.  YUM!! I make mine in my toaster oven and it comes out perfectly crisp and with the cheeses melted every time!




Chicken Tortilla Soup


Maybe it’s the cold weather.  Maybe it’s because I like Mexican style food.  Either way, one of my dinner favorites is the Chicken Tortilla Soup.  It may only be soup, but it is really filling and delicious.





Ice Cream Sandwich


Nutrisystem’s Ice Cream Sandwich is easily one of my favorites.  I get the kids bathed and in bed ~ and it’s mine.  I don’t have to share it with them.  😉  If someone gave this to me without the wrapper, I’d never know it was from the Nutrisystem line.  It reminds me of the ones you get right in your regular grocery store.

Drop by next week to stay updated on my progress!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. I tell myself just keep swimming often too. The food options look delicious and if you can have ice cream then woohoo for weight loss 😉
    Mama Bee Does recently posted..Will Mama Bee Does be the 2013 Shaklee 180 spokesperson? I sure hope so!My Profile

    • I know, right?! I couldn’t believe it when they sent ice cream LOL
      It is a daily battle…but I am happy I am sticking with it.

  2. Great job, Jenn!! and wow those foods look delish!!
    Dawn recently posted..HomeSchooling Back to the BasicsMy Profile

  3. Nutrisystem does have some great good, and I am glad that you found items that you liked! Keep up the good work.
    Cecile recently posted..Changes are Afoot!My Profile

  4. Losing two lbs in a week–all while eating healthy– is a huge deal—-congrats!!!
    Kimberly D recently posted..Four Couponing Tips To Help You Save MoneyMy Profile

  5. Six pounds is awesome! And that donut does look like a whole lot of ‘yum’! lol.
    Amanda Joy recently posted..Baked Ravioli Recipe {Simple Sunday Supper}My Profile

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