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Who’s been following my Nutrisystem journey? I really dreaded writing this week.  It was honestly the weirdest, most rollercoaster-ish week for me.  A week ago I felt like I had the flu and was not myself for close to 4 days.  I’ll spare the lovely details and just leave it at that.  Then it was my husband’s birthday on the 24th – his parents brought over cake & ice cream.  Oh how I know I “should not” have had that cake…even the very small piece I did.  Then we went out to dinner, just he and I while my in-laws watched our children.  There is a great variety of menu choices and guidance when dining out if you are on the Nutrisystem plan.  I think I just went left when I should have gone right.  I learned the hard way (for at least the 50th time in my life!) and gained 2 lbs.

It is just a reminder, once again, that anything in life is not easy and you have to work at it consistently. 

While I am not thrilled with myself or the results, I am not going to beat myself up about it.  I am just going to try much harder with doing better and staying on the right path.  It is easy to get down about it and tell yourself, “who cares” and give up altogether but that is not what I want to do this time around.  So, instead of being down 6 lbs ~ I am down 4 lbs.  It is better than being back at square one and who knows what this week will bring!


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  1. Don’t despair! This week will be better, I promise! Proud of you – stick with it!
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  2. Remember its a total process. You can’t live in a bubble. You have to spurlge here and there. You will get to your goal and those little indulgences can be a great reminder why you started on this path. Good luck in the process.
    Cristine recently posted..Got a cup, get $1 coffee at Einstein Bros BagelsMy Profile

  3. Reading this post was like reading a page from my journal. Sounds like you’re doing great, I can’t wait to say I’m four pounds down! Keep your chin up and press on! I can’t wait to read your results down the road.

  4. oh I am so with you. Been there done that! :( But you can’t beat yourself up! Keep on swimming right! Just know that you are eating healthier over all even if you had that one day. Overall you’re going to start feeling better and that’s the important part. You’re doing great. Swim swim swim!! :)
    Dawn recently posted..Enter to WIN Kate Spade Designer PurseMy Profile

  5. Just keep trying, failure isn’t in falling down, it’s when you fall and don’t pick yourself up again. :) When you are sick your body is out of whack, so I’m sure if you work hard this week and next you can make up for that 2 lbs weight gain!
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