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Nutrisystem – Weeks 9, 10, 11

So, if you’ve been following along in my journey to an even better me – you might be wondering where I’ve been?! Well, I was very discouraged with myself the last time I made a blog post.  I was just going through a rough patch I suppose.  But after talking with the amazing Meredith at Nutrisystem, I started feeling a little better and decided to stick with it.  I am not a quitter, so I don’t know where those thoughts came from almost 3 weeks ago.

Then I guess when it rains, it pours.  We were asked to leave our home of 9 years because my children were “too loud”.  Oh ok, they are only 2 and 3 years old plus living in an apartment setting, you are bound to hear the other tenants and their families.  I could make an entirely different blog post about that plus another one for what I think of the couple that lived above us, but that is not why you’re here.  I also don’t like to be ugly towards others.

If you’ve ever moved – especially abruptly – you know the craziness that can ensue!   With that being said, I’ve gotten a good amount of physical activity in and lost 2 lbs.  Not tons in a three week period, but certainly enough to make me think more positively than I was.  I was kind of surprised only because I have not been able to be as focused as I’d like to be on this journey (with the whole moving fiasco).   Sure, we’ve stopped for a quick dinner here and there or maybe I just haven’t had time to get all of my meals in as I might normally.  While I am so very grateful for this opportunity, I feel like there’s been a bunch of chaos internally and externally.  However, I am just going to take it as a reminder that I am strong and can do this…even if it’s not exactly as I’d hoped.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing though.

Thankfully we found a place large enough to accomodate everything we need and want.  I am choosing to show you a picture of my daughter in our new home.  The reason I am showing you this is because my kids keep me going (as any parent might say about their child/ren) – but I am also using this picture to show how much happier all of our lives are becoming.   To me, her smile just says it all.

Nutrisystem 9 10 11

Thanks for following along with me – it means a lot.  See you next time I post! :)  

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  1. I’m so excited for your new space! Soon, all the craziness will die down and you’ll be settled! :)
    Layne recently posted..Free eBook: Kids Crafts for EasterMy Profile

  2. You sure have been on a roller coaster! That’s can usually sum up the weight loss journey though right. 😉 And now you’ve been sick (spoiler alert) lol But you keep trying. You’re a wonderful person, mom and you’re doing great!
    Dawn recently posted..Mombo Nursing PillowMy Profile

  3. Julia says:

    Keep going on the journey. You are doing a great job and losing weight is not easy especially when “life happens”. Your daughter is adorable! :) Her smile says it all.

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