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Xtrema Ceramic Cookware has opened a whole new world of cooking possibilities to me!  Xtrema Ceramic Cookware has created a  Ceramacor 12″ skillet.  The Ceramacor 12″ skillet  has provided me with a 100% Green Skillet that offers a Silicone Handle Pot Holder, is non-scratch and is usable on the grill, under a broiler, in the microwave, in the oven, on the stove top and it is able to be placed in the refrigerator and freezer.  The versatility of the skillet continues to increase as you can use Silicone, Nylon or Wooden tools when cooking!  Ceramacor 12″ Skillet should be called Versacor for its endless usability possibilities!

Over the last few weeks I have been diligently experimenting with a 12″ skillet by Ceramacor.  When I say experimenting I literally mean, I have tried, higher heat when cooking versus medium heat and low heat, and different recipes every time.  I have spoken to the person who created these wonderful pans and understood the error of my ways when cooking and exactly what to expect when cooking on all different heat levels and WHY!

I have prepared fried potatoes(sins oil), asparagus, broccoli rabe(rapini), fried peppers, portabella burgers, fresh broccoli, and green bean,onions and potato meal.


My favorite recipe that I prepared in the Ceramacor 12″ Skillet was rapini.  I cleaned 2 full heads, rinsed with a rather generous dosing of water, and cut the hearty stems off, leaving the rapini heads cut into smaller pieces and tossed in a few fresh peeled garlic cloves and began to cook.  The rapini cooked down, perfectly and with in about 1/2 of an hour I had rapini thoroughly cooked and tastefully bitter(which is what I love)



12″ Ceramacor









What Makes Ceramacor so Great?

There are no toxic fumes that will be emitted from this skillets.  There are no NON-STICK coatings on this skillet.  Your food will not taste funny or bad because of the non-existent non-stick coatings.  The Ceramacor 12″ skillet is easy-to-use an such a breeze to clean up!  I simply used warm soapy water and a cloth and I was done.  There was nothing to clean up.  Possibly one of the greatest features of the Ceramacor 12″ Skillet is that when I am done cooking the cool to the touch silicone handles makes transferring the meal right to the table an easy experience and I can serve right from the pan.

Here is another little piece of information that will make you love the Ceramacor as much as me:   I loved the fact that while I was cooking red peppers I had  the need to finish cooking them in the oven and rather than taking them out of the skillet and putting them in yet another piece of cookware I simply took the skillet off of the cooking range and placed it into the oven and the recipe then completed itself, 1 pan easy!

There were a few nights, as chaos abounds in our home that I also had the need to leave right after dinner, and there was no time to clean up.  I simply popped the skillet in the refrigerator and took off.  What did stick with me was the idea that I was going to have trouble cleaning it up, what did not stick was the meal! I pulled the skillet out when we returned home hours later and served a meal from it(because my kids eat all the time) and I was so pleased that while I was able to pull the meal out easily, I was able to clean the skillet effortlessly, simply using soap and water, nothing stuck even though I had stuck the skillet into the refrigerator.

Cooking on/in so many different places:  The Ceramacor can withstand EXTREME heat and cold and each piece is created to go from the oven to the freezer.  You can cook with the Ceramacor on the stovetop, broiler, grill, or even the microwave.  ‘Xtrema’ Wear!

My cooking time is reduced with Xtrema, and because the skillet is so thick-walled the food stays warmer, longer!

The skillet is created from all earth-friendly production practices.  The safe ceramic glaze is used instead of a non-stick coating and the glaze is created from inorganic natural minerals.

Source: via Dana on Pinterest


The cook in your family, the person that offers you great foods all the time, the chef that has yet to really purchase the piece of cookware that allows them versatility would all LOVE to receive this great gift for the holidays!

There are so many reasons to LOVE this cookware, but I think you might love it best if you get to try it yourself! Xtrema Cookware has been kind enough to offer a piece for you to try! Enter here:


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    I will make seasoned mixed veggies

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    I’d make an omelette first!
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