Purex Crystals For Baby Review

Purex Crystals for Baby

Purex Crystals for Baby


Purex Crystals for Baby is the newest addition to the Purex family. Hypoallergenic and dye-free, it packs the same power as other Purex crystals just more gentle with the skin of your baby in mind. I loved the scent and Purex Baby Crystals softens clothes as effectively as it’s sister products.  If laundry isn’t your favorite household task, this product will make it more enjoyable and you will find yourself sniffing and smelling each item whether you are taking it out of the washer or the dryer.  The scent is intoxicatingly pleasant! I feel safe using this on my children’s clothing even with their sensitive skin, which quite honestly can be a mess in the winter over any other season.

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