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Rollie™ EggMaster Features:

• Vertical Cooking Technology that combines a cylindrical non-stick cooking surface surrounded by a revolutionary heating element

• Unique silicone grip

• Clean-up is a breeze


I had seen other bloggers talk about the Rollie and how cool it was, so when I was given the chance to review it, I was SO excited. I have started to try to eat better. As many of you know I just had my 4th baby 4 months ago. Because I am breastfeeding I am hungry all the time! Some mama’s lose weight while breastfeeding and some like me, gain it. I know eggs are a healthy food and I love to eat them. But I don’t like to cook them. No matter what pan I use my eggs stick and I have a huge mess to clean up. Hardly seems worth it for 2 silly little eggs.

That’s where the Rollie comes in! This amazing little vertical grill cooks my eggs no sticking and its fast and easy. I’ve noticed that my family is going though a lot more eggs. Better yet it’s getting my husband to eat breakfast. He normally won’t eat until lunch or dinner. With 4 kids it’s hard for either of us to find the time to eat. I spent some time watching all the recipes and getting excited about all the things I was going to make.

Of course we made our normal eggs with some salt and pepper. But I also had to have a little fun with it! I mean, isn’t that what it’s for? The first thing I tried was the tortilla wrap. I made it with a bit of egg and cheese. I must warn you though. Only use one egg if you are making something other then straight eggs. If you want to try something else just use the one egg. Also don’t go over board when it comes to adding things. We had quite a few messes until we got everything right. But it turned out so yummy and it looks amazing! I love how the Rollie turns everything a nice golden brown!


Next I wanted to make something a bit sweet. I just happened to have croissants in the fridge. So I spread a bit of butter and then put cinnamon and sugar on it before wrapping it up. Kinda making a cinnamon roll. It turned out AMAZING! The Rollie isn’t just for eggs. I went a step farther and put a bit of chocolate sauce on top. I would have added whipped cream if I had it. I was going for a cinnamon roll, but it kinda tasted like a elephant ear.


I only have a couple of things I would change about the Rollie. The first thing would be the fact that if you add things to your eggs like ham or cheese you can only use one egg at a time. I think it would be so much better if the “grill” part were a bit bigger so that you could add more then one egg. The other thing is maybe having more then one “grill”. Maybe like a family sized Rollie? One that has 4 grills in one or something. As a family of 6 it takes forever for me to make something for the whole family to snack on. If it is being used for one person though, as a fast way to eat something on the run it’s perfect. It would be the BEST gift for someone who is heading off to college.

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  1. Sherl Bastien

    the cinnamon roll>>>my grand kids would think this is an amazing thing..

  2. Your tortilla roll looks good. I thought it was an eggroll!
    Dede recently posted..MamaLOVE giveaway: May 9-15My Profile

  3. Jake B says:

    Id start out with the basic eggs but then I’d want to try mixing stuff in or try the pancake sausage dog :)

  4. Janet Jackson says:

    the cinnamon roll sounds yummy!

  5. The cinnamon roll sounds very yummy!
    Melanie K. recently posted..$200 Sephora gift card Sweepstakes from SavingStarMy Profile

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