Scott Shared Values

When you sign up for Scott Shared Values, you will receive a coupon for immediate savings.
In addition, there will be coupon offers on the website each month.
Sign up and share the info with friends to get $1.25 coupon!!

On top of that, Scott Shared Values is helping you make a difference for your children’s school. You can receive five eBox Tops just for being a Scott Shard Values member. Plus, your school will automatically be entered for a chance to win 250,000 eBox Tops! Box Tops for Education has been helping schools all across America since 1996. More than $475 million has been raised.

How can you help?  It’s easy.  Clip all the Box Top Coupons from participating products and make sure you save them to turn in to your child’s school or just a favorite school you choose to support. Box Tops earn cash that help support schools and even chances at winning thousands of Box Tops each month. You will also benefit from recipes and coupons with participating products.

You can also track the progress of your school’s goal online. You can stay in the know about your school and others across the state and nation.  A little healthy competition and motivator!!

People who participate in Box Tops for Education are energetic and happy to help schools succeed and giving students more opportunities and outlets to learn. You can connect to other parents via the online tools—in your school as well as across the country—you’ll have instant access to a group of people just like you. It’s a community dedicated to learning—not just for kids, but for their parents, too!





I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Scott. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating and am able to earn additional rewards throughout the campaign.

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