Have you ever shopped in a Dollar Store of any sort? Have you really looked, noticed and seen what there is for sale?have done some true in-depth purchasing and here is what I have found.  I hope you save big.


Two Dollar Bill Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar all boast Dollar as a big part of their name, but what does each store offer and how can you make your dollar go the furthest? With Black Friday Coming up, I can offer you tips and trips and things to NOT buy in any other stores but these stores! See below for some great ideas. Save here first, shop the other stores as last resorts for some of these great items.

Dollar Tree

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dollar tree for the holidays

Everything in the store is only a $1. Sometimes you can obtain products 2/$1, it just depends on stock. The store offers everything from pencils to toiletries. Often, there are brand name items such as Brand Wax Paper, Hair Gel, Shampoo, and Brand Soap, you never know what you are going to find. Mothballs that cost an average of $4 in the store, cost only $1. Sometimes the price is cheaper on items because the packaging is smaller than that purchased in a regular grocery store or the portion sizes are less. If you need greeting cards, they are a mere 2/$1 and the cards are most entertaining. Seasonal items like Easter stuff, Halloween stuff, etc., are great purchases there, as they are only $1 and it stretches your hard earned money on the trinket stuff kids love. The Dollar Tree Accepts Coupons. The store accepts Debit, Visa and MasterCard and Discover(make cash back on your purchases), as well as good old cash.

Wrap this up: Holiday Cards, Stocking Candy Coal, coloring books, pens, pencils, gift backs, containers to make baskets, small items to use to decorate those baskets, foil, wax paper, glassware, stemware, frozens(with coupons), candy and a bunch of health and beauty aid items. Purchase the aforementioned items here and cut your shopping bill for stocking stuffers in 1/2. BUYER BEWARE: If you are looking to match sizes, you may not be able to get the same sizes for the $1 price line. Often just because the product is by let’s say, ZIPLOC, it may be only and 8 count rather than the traditional 15, so pay attention to quantity when buying name brand.

You will not beat their prizes in Foil Pans, and Disposable Bake ware simply $1. I stock up every time I am there. This is baking exchange season, make sure to get your lidded foil pans here.


Dollar General
Unlike its name, the Dollar General does not provide everything for $1, but it sells things from 2/$1, $2, $3, and up, etc. The store offers everything from name brand pantry items, such as Hawaiian Punch, Heinz Ketchup, to Health and Beauty products such as Edge, Schick and Right Guard. Dollar General offers coupons on their website for use in their store, as well as incentive coupons that are offered often and can save you $5 off $25. You can use manufacturer coupons, and use the $5 off coupon to really maximize your savings. If you know your grocery store prices you will do well at this store, because they feature different pantry items each week. Knowing your pricing at a grocery store will allow you to figure out who has the better buy. The store accepts, cash, and credit cards(Discover), which means you can make cash back. Discounts are great here, especially when the discontinue, or place things that are from the seasonal section on sale. There is a clothing section, that includes shoes, a household section that offers lamps, pillows, etc., and there is also a seasonal department. If you see something you like, and it is a good price, grab it, you may not see it again, things sell out quickly. Sales change weekly.

Again, the name boasts $1, but everything is not $1. The overall concept is things are whole dollar values, ($3,$4,$5etc) but the prices are not just $1. You have to know your prices if you shop here. Take snack cakes for example, these can be purchased here, but the pricing in the grocery is generally a better buy. However, if you need a shower curtain liner chances are, here is your best buy.(again, as with any discount chain, you have to figure out how this store “fits” into your shopping and needs life). The store does offer their own books of coupons(manufacturer), as well as accepting regular manufacturer coupons. Offerings at the Family Dollar include name brand pantry items, cleaning products, household items(laundry baskets, frames, decorative items, etc), as well as clothing, and and health and beauty aids. Clearance sales are great if you can catch them, up to 50% off the prices. They accept, Visa, MasterCard, Debit Cards and Discover(you can make cash back on your purchases). Each week there is a weekly flyer.

All stores have great prices, as well as great products. Dollar General’s offering of incentive coupons, their coupons and acceptance of manufacturers coupon make coupon stacking a great way to expand your hard earned money. Dollar Tree offers a lot of products at great prices and will often save you big from wax paper to foil. You should try each of the stores and then you will be able to figure out how to use each store in your life. One thing is certain, each store will save you money and you can use your Discover Card to make some cash back on all of your purchases. Each store is frugally fun.


The basics can be found in each of these stores for the holidays. What you might want to look for in the stores: wrapping paper(watch how much you are really getting in a roll), ribbon, tape, small gift bags, shred(if you don’t make your own), picks for fancying up a wrapped gift, holiday candies, foot socks, stocking stuffers(cream, toothpaste, toothbrushes, cookies, tablets, pens) and more. Holiday cards are ALWAYS a bargain and you will be surprised with the variety you will find.

I would ABSOLUTELY suggest bringing your OWN TOTES(even if you have to check them in at the door) because their bags in ALL the Dollar locations are flimsy and non-sturdy which lend to ripping, tearing and losing your items when you are not even to your car :(

I will provide you with a little more insight to the Dollar Stores in another article. Have fun saving money.





This is an not a sponsored Post. This should help you when shopping. Check their respective websites to make certain of all policies as things are updated frequently.

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