Udi’s Granola Review

I recently was allowed the fun opportunity to taste test Udi’s Gluten Free Granola.  

It comes in (4) AMAZING flavors

Original: includes different nuts (pecans, pistachios, etc) and yummy banana chips

Cranberry:  walnuts & cranberries make this unique and delicious

Au Naturel:  a hint of honey perfectly sweetens this variety

Vanilla: almonds add to the lightly sweetened flavor 

Original, Cranberry, Au Naturel, Vanilla



There are many ways you could enjoy this product:  

    • Busy mom?  Throw some in a baggy and munch on the go.  
    • Want something different?  Top your yogurt with it.  (MY personal fave!)
    •  Usual boxed cereal just not doing it for you?  Pour some milk over the granola — Voila! NEW cereal idea!  (delish!!)

 You can read about other ideas & recipes HERE 

Cranberry Granola in Vanilla Yogurt


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All opinions are my own, truthful to my experience with said product.  Although I did receive a free product to conduct my review, I was not compensated financially.  Thank you.

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