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Holy Hot Sauces, Batman!  If you love the heat, and good tasting sauces, get to know Veri Peri, the ultimate in Premium Sauces with a range of HEAT to light up your mouth, taste buds and food! This premium sauce will add a ‘splash‘ of flavor to any food that they grace with their spice and mouth-watering taste! It will not overwhelm you it is a gradual heat and if you love a tinge of heat to a lot of heat, this is your sauce as it covers the gamut of warm to hot in sauces!  If you love meat chops of any kinds, sea foods, steaks, chicken these will create a great TANG on each, working as a great marinade, zesting up salads, and usable on grilled food! The versatility is second to none. The flavor is warm, but it won’t overwhelm you, unless you pick one that is a 10/10 then well, enough said.


Veri Peri comes in 5 different flavors: mild, lemon herb, garlic, hot and very hot.  The line is affordably priced, and is created with African Bird’s Eye Chili.  The crop is harvested by hand and this chili is known as the ‘truffle’ of chilies.  The line of sauces has won the Product of the Year Award in 2012 in a survey that was audited by Nielsen! KUDOS!


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  1. Patrice O says:

    I’d like to try the garlic one or the Veri hot one :)

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