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Barbie is rolling out a few new dolls ~  The Princess and the POPSTAR

Tori Doll- Barbie™ The Princess and The Popstar DVD, introduces the new Barbie who takes center stage and stars as TORI. Tori has a dream to become a POPSTAR. What makes the Tori doll special is that she can change her hair from blonde to Pink hair and change out her ball gown to a cool Rock star outfit! The girls LOVED changing her hair and clothing back and forth and it was really easy to do! The cool new Barbie TORI, also SINGS 2 songs that you will hear in the DVD as well. Singing is activated through touching the necklace on the Tori Doll! I can actually tell you I think the songs became embedded in my head because the girls kept playing them over and over again, because they are ‘catchy’ and cool!

Keira Doll – Conversely, Keira wants to be a PRINCESS like Tori. (you know the grass is always greener:) The Keira doll also transforms both her hair and dress. Keira however has the opposite look rocking on. Keira has Purple Rock Star hair that changes to brown hair and Keira changes her POP STAR outfits for a beautiful, Princess-like gown. We changed Keira back and forth several times throughout the party as well and it is toddler easy to do! Keira sings and I think I can sing all the lyrics myself. The girls just pressed the necklace over and over again which activated the singing.

I’d Love to offer you the opportunity to win both a Keira and a Tori Doll:

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  1. Auri Lae says:

    Keira is my favorite :)

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