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Maggie Bags is very eco-friendly.  Every year millions of yards of seat belt material is rejected because it does not meet the government safety standards.  Rather than throwing this out, and letting it fill up landfill, Tennessee Webbing kept the fabric out of the landfills and began creating Maggie Bags! What great re-purposing! Learn all about Maggie Bags from Pittsburgh Frugal Mom’s review.

The bags are completely washable. It is recommended that the bags be washed separate from other items and in a lingerie bag.  If the bag needs a repair during the entire lifetime of the bag, Maggie Bags will repair the bag for FREE!  What is covered?  “Defective or missing hardware, faulty zippers, and loose stitching of the webbing or lining of the bag will be repaired or replaced under the Maggie Bags Warranty.  ”  This is incredibly FRUGAL and so well worth it. How many purse companies do you know out there that will stand behind their product for a lifetime? I can’t really think of any!

The bag I chose is huge(see it above), but Maggie Bags has so many bags to choose from, that if you were looking for something smaller to something in between you will be sure to find it!  There are many styles, and colors so you can really match your wardrobe up with your bags!  The bag is colorful, durable, trendy, chic and great for ANY age.

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Review by Pittsburgh Frugal Mom, Giveaway by Maggie Bags


  1. Ellen Casper says:

    Totes of many colors – red, white and blue

  2. Cindy says:

    The Butterfly Bag in Dark Red.

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